Trying Out Marc Jabobs Beauty

This past month Influenster sent me a full-sized Marc Jacobs Beuaty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. I had previously tried Marc Jacob’s gel eyeliner and their lipstick, but hadn’t tried their mascara…yet! The product comes in the shade black and retails at $26.

The box that it came in was so much fun. It said Marc Jacobs Beauty on the front and when I opened it there was black tissue paper. Along with the full sized product there was a sheet of paper telling me about the campagin and the different hastags to use when talking about the product.

What I noticed first was how cool the actual mascara packaging was. The tube is really big and larger than any of my other mascaras. On the front side it says Marc Jacobs in the iconic silver lettering. The tube has a cool architectural feel and is very goemetic. It’s black and looks sleek on my makeup table. I like that it’s larger because when I hold the wand I feel like I have more control.

Once your twist off the lid, you will have the wand. It’s very lush and curvy to catch every single lash. The mascara is supposed to give you epic volume and make your lashes look fake. The pigment is black black black and has a richer cosmetic smell. I have no idea how to decribe the smell other than expensive. The entire process of putting on the mascara feels fancier than any other mascara I’ve had that’s been full sized. (I love YSL Babydoll)

I put on a few coats and noticed my lashes looked great! It does look like fake lashes when you apply a few coats. I don’t mind that my lashes are individually seperated…that’s the only drawback. With products like this you lashes tend to be more gathered together. It doesn’t look spidery like the 3D Younique mascara that some swear by, but it doesn’t look seperated like other brands. I like that the lashes are given great volume. I’ve had the product awhile now and reach for it and my Lancome Definicils the most.

Overall, I think the price point is right on. $26 for a product that will last and give you a va-va-voom look is worth it in my book. Add the beautiful sleek packaging and I’m sold. Will I buy it? Probably. I like Lancome and They’re Real Mascara but this is a little bit more product I think. This is what Sephora has to say:

What it is:
An ultra-volumizing mascara that delivers instant dimension for epic lashes.

What it does:
Experience ultimate volume and the look of thick, false lashes with Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. The lash-maximizing, curvy brush places the most volume at the hard-to-reach center lash line, and the defining tip styles lashes for major drama. The super-concentrated black pigment delivers the greatest visual impact, and the Flash Volume Complex™ creates instant, smudge-proof length and volume in three strokes or less. Velvet Noir gives you the thickest lashes in one sweep. Apply Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara on its own, or layer with O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara (sold separately). Pair it with Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash-Discovering Mascara and Lamé Noir Ultra-Glittering Mascara (sold separately) to style your lashes for every occasion.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Velvet Noir is inspired by Marc Jacobs’s first beauty memory of his mother carefully shaving fibers from a velvet ribbon to create her own couture faux lashes.

Research results:
In an instrument-measured study conducted by an independent lab on equally-sized adhesive lashes, the following results were reported:
– 1800% more volume in three strokes
– 300% more volume in one stroke


I received this product absolutely FREE from Influenster for testing purposes. I love that program. It’s my beauty BFF. I’ve tried so many luxurious beauty products through them. If you want more info, check out their site. Let me know what you think of Marc Jacob’s beauty line!


Love & Laughter,









Here’s To Health & A Vita VoxBox

photoWowza! It’s been some time since I last blogged on here. Life has been going by so stinking fast! Instead of trying to get you up to speed I’m just going to jump right in. For my 25th birthday in July my dad bought me a Jawbone Up. If you’re like my mum, you’re probably freaked out by the name. What is it? Well, it’s basically a bracelet that you wear that keeps track of your fitness. It tracks your steps, your sleep and you can sync it to keep track of your food choices. It challenges you to walk an average of 10,000 steps per day which is 4.5 miles. Since getting it- I’m in love! I enjoy using it and it’s challenged me to walk more and more. Combined with counting calories I’ve lost some weight. I’ve also been trying to eat super clean and avoid a lot of processed foods.

It was funny because the day I woke up and had committed to getting healthier a knock came at the door. I wasn’t expecting anything so I was confused. Dustin, my husband brought a big box upstairs. I begged him to bring it to me in bed but he refused and used it as bait to get me out of bed. As you know, I loooovveee mail and big boxes of goodies.

I was surprised because it was from Influenster. I had taken an interview but hadn’t known I was accepted. Inside was the Vita VoxBox filled to the brim with goodies. Each of these goodies are dedicated to help you get and stay healthy! What a blessing. So, without further adieu, here’s my review of the Influenster Vita Vox Box!

The Vitality Vox Box came with A LOT of things. I was very impressed. If I had gone out and purchased everything, it would’ve been over $40! The box included the following:

Soft Lips Cube Lip Protection SPF 15 in Fresh Mint, $3.49 

Playtex Sport Tampons, $6.19

First Degree Burn Cream, $5.97

Bikini Ready Chewables, $14.99

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum, 1oz for $60

Pure Leaf Tea by Lipton, $1.50

Soft Lips Cube Lip Protection: So, I’ve fully embraced the strange-shaped-lip-balm-obsession with wide open arms. I adore Eos lip balm and even occasionally buy their strange looking shaving cream just because of the bottle. The Soft Lips Cube Lip Protection is basically Soft Lips trying to jump on the oddly shaped bandwagon. I’ve always like Soft Lips products but have definitely been headed over more to the Eos brand because of the fun shape and colors. I was a little hesitant to try this lip balm because it was Fresh Mint but I was surprised by how much I liked it! The flavor is fresh and minty and the hydration is there for your lips. Best of all it has SPF 15 which is great all season long. For $3.50, it’s an OK deal. I received two $1 off coupons in the box and I can’t remember what I did with them. I had my mum check it out. The cube is cute and is compact. I keep it in my nightstand and have been using it almost every night. My grade? If you have EOS, you’ll like this. If you’re looking for a hydrating balm you’ll be surprised. The shape is odd though. A-

Playtex Sport Tampons: I haven’t had a chance to try these out…if that makes sense. BUT I do like that they have triple levels of protection. I will have to let you know what I think later!

First Degree Burn Cream: Another item I haven’t had the chance to use. It looks very promising but no one in my home has gotten burnt. This is a GOOD thing, but difficult because I can’t review the product until something bad happens. haha

Bikini Ready Chewables: These have been my go-to pick-me-up! I was really surprised to see I received the full bottle because I know some people only received 1-2 of the chewables. I am in LOVE with them. With B12 and caffeine, these little gummies keep me bopping through the day. You can take about 5 per day but I only need 1-2 to feel the effects. It’s not a huge energy boost like a energy drink but rather a refreshing pick-me-up without the crash. I like the taste and will be buying these moving forward. Being a part of Influenster is great because of products like this. I wouldn’t have given some of these a second thought! I give them an A+

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum: There’s a reason this stuff is so pricey: it works! My mum worked in Elizabeth Arden for about two years and I fell in love with the products. This serum will smooth your skin out beautifully. I have been using it after using my Clarisonic and love it. Even after using it a few days some friends pointed out my skin was looking healthy and beautiful. Although it works, I’m not necessarily at the time in my life when I need it. I would suggest it for women who are older and are trying to prevent wrinkles. If I was rich I would invest – but $60 per 1 once is just too much for me. I would give it a solid B because of the crazy price but crazy results.

Pure Lead Tea by Lipton: I wanted to love this tea. I really did. I like Lipton tea but for some reason this bottle didn’t hit the mark. I threw it in my bag to take to an outdoor event as a healthy alternative to soda but didn’t end up finishing it. The tea seemed too strong to me. I would probably like it better if it were more diluted with water. If you like strong black tea this is for you. I like a lighter tea similar to McDonalds. For me, I’d give it a C.

Overall I’m thrilled with my Vox Box! I’ve been able to use the products and am really going to purchase more of the Bikini Ready products. As most of you know, Influenster is a program that’s free to join and you receive free products to test and share about. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Venus Snap Vox Box Review

51tuhwQVxcL._SY300_I was excited to be chosen for another Vox Box! (see here to learn more about what Vox Boxes are) This time, the Vox Box was dedicated to one of my most-used items: razors! I don’t shave my legs nearly as often as I’d like during the off-seasons but during summer and vacations I like my legs to be extra smooth. I received the Venus Snap which is a to-go razor. Tiny and easy to pack, this razor is shorter in length than a usual razor and has a great grip area. You don’t need to use shaving cream as it has a strip that moisturizes when you add water. The idea behind this razor is to use on-the-go or on vacation. It so happened we left for Orlando, Florida right after I got the box in the mail. You better believe I packed this little razor. I was surprised at how easily it helped shave my entire legs and how small it was. I was afraid it would be awkward to hold because of the size but it fit in my hand perfectly. I used shaving cream when I was in the shower but didn’t when I was touching up. The blue little holder is plastic and water-proof. It also has holes in it so your razor can breathe and not get all nasty. The product is around $8. I’m not really one for reusable razors. I like disposable but I can see where this would be handy for travel. I wish the product Influenster gave us came with extra blades so I could review how it worked changing them. Anyway, the razor comes with 5 blades…perfect for a close shave. I give it a solid B.

Discloser: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

Book Review: Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos

I just finished reading Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos. I was in the mood for a light book to match the season. I was surprised that this book wasn’t as it appeared! It was part love story, part tough, gritty, real life. When I picked it up, it began with the main character, Cornelia115076, falling for a handsome man who walks into her coffee shop. As the story progresses, she ends up taking care of his daughter whose mother leaves her unexpectedly. The book is told in parts by both Cornelia, the adult who is falling for Martin Grace and Martin Grace’s daughter, Clare who just lost her mother who has gone mad. Martin surprises Cornelia with the fact he has an eight year old daughter after they have progressed pretty far into their relationship. Instead of focusing on herself, Cornelia takes charge of Clare and provides her with a steady and loving home until her mother returns. There are many different pleasant and not-so-pleasant twists to the story and the character development is remarkable. Cornelia is very relatable in the fact she loves old things with a story and explains her life with many old movie references. Wit and whimsy are cherished and you’ll learn more about Anne of Green Gables than you thought you would as you read. A great read with a story that stays with you after you’ve finished the last paragraph. I would suggest this for anyone who knows someone who has struggled with learning to love the unlovable and who hasn’t got their life all figured out. (Which is probably everyone).

I bought my copy at Goodwill for under $1! I liked the cover and was encouraged by the recommendation by Joy Fowler on the cover. I wasn’t disappointed!

Prayer Works

I don’t consider myself a “prayer warrior.” I try. I really do. But most times, let’s be honest, I tell people I’ll pray and then forget. Plumb forget. It’s not that their prayer request isn’t important to me or that I don’t care. I just lose track of time and forget.

Or so I thought.

More recently I’ve been having to come to the hard truth that if I believed that God answered prayers I would pray more. That I wouldn’t forget to run to Him with everything and anything. If I forget to pray, it’s about my lack of faith that God’s going to move: not just because I have a full schedule.

You remember things when you believe that what you’re doing will make a difference. Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t believe my small prayers made a difference until more recently.

You see, Dustin came up with this crazy idea that we should meet with a group to pray once week. It’s not that I didn’t think it was a great idea, I did and do. I just don’t have any extra time and was unsure of what it would look like. Would we all pray aloud? Would some people be wigged out? Would there be music?

So, with great excitement and nervousness we began meeting at a friend’s house to pray on Monday nights. It started with a tiny group and remains a small group. We didn’t begin this thing to bring in a zillion other believers. It wasn’t the goal. The goal was to dedicate time to praying for our community, our friends, our pastors, our families, missionaries, etc. It was a time to ask the Holy Spirit to fall and give us guidance. We asked for prayer requests. Thought up prayer requests. I even felt we needed to pray for the Churches Chicken across the way. We met in a cold apartment and ate different humble snacks people remembered to bring like hummus, cupcakes and cookies from someone’s mum.

It was work at first. I’ll be honest. I didn’t really LOVE it. I was tired and most nights questioned if our time was being spent wisely…until a few months in. By writing down requests and revisiting them we began to see God moving in a way we don’t usually. We’d forget about something that would take up an entire night for a few weeks to realize God answered our concerns. Before long, we were spending time praising and not just requesting. The group grew in relationships and people became more comfortable sharing more personal requests. We’ve seen God heal and restore and answer.

I can’t really say I’m an expert as of now…and I doubt I ever will be…but I’m learning to trust that God answers prayers and that when someone asks me to lift them up, it makes a difference. My little voice which sometimes feels like it’s echoing against the ceiling is reaching out to heaven and asking God to change a situation for the better- for His glory and guess what? He is!





ATCs: What They Are and Some of Mine

ATCs or Artist Trading Cards are cards that are traded and exchanged. There aren’t many rules regarding these cards except you can only trade them, not sell them, and they must be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches in shape. You can trade your cards online at places such as ATCsforall and Swap-bot. I began making some the other day and find it relaxing and a great creative outlet. Here are some of my favorites thus far:


I created this Marie Antoinette card for a beheaded Marie Antoinette Swap bot Swap. It’s titled “What Cake?” as a reference to her infamous saying “Let them eat cake!” It was difficult to send this one out because I love it so much! I used magazine clipping and sticker embellishments.



This trading card was inspired by the season! April doesn’t have to be a season, it can be a way of life and a mind-set! This altered playing card is collaged.



I kept this one because I loved it so much! Marie Antoinette and Rock n’ Roll Living! Collage on a playing card.



This little card is made with watercolors, acrylic paint and pen.

March Project Life

I’ve just discovered Project Life! Project life is an “easier” form of scrapbooking developed by Becky Higgins. You purchase cards sized to be slid into envelopes and then do layouts that way. Technically you don’t need glue or a lot of embellishments but you can take it to any level you’d like. I really was impressed by how fun and easy it was to develop spreads and I was interested in following our life week by week. I’m not sure how often I’ll do it as it can be expensive and takes a lot of time BUT I have been doing it quite a bit. Here are so of my spreads from March:











Sticker Swap on Swap-Bot with Katiesnailmail

I took part in the Swap-bot Sicker, Sticker, Sticker Swap. You are assigned a partner to send three sheets of stickers to. You can add some little surprises too if you choose. I posted earlier here about what I sent. Now, I get to post what I received in the mail the other day! Katiesnailmail was the partner that spoiled me with this adorable package:


Inside was a cute little owl note from her and the three sticker sheets. The stickers included: owl foil stickers from Stick-a-bilities, vintage stickers from Momenta, and a hot chocolate sticker medley from Life’s Little Occasions. I really liked them all. The hot chocolate stickers come with a mix of dome stickers, chipboard stickers, and dimensional stickers. These will be perfect for my Spring scrapbooking for rainy days like today! Katiesnailmail also sent me uber cute 3X4 cards that I will use in Project Life, a die cut, a craft tag and a vellum sheet that says “envision.” The envelope was super cute too!

I’m really enjoying Swap-bot. I haven’t felt well lately and sometimes just putting a little package together for someone else cheers me up. The shipping for my package in this swap was around $2-3. I spent all together probably $5-6 with the new stickers. Although it’s not about what you receive, I felt as if I really made out with my partner, Katiesnailmail. Thanks new friend!


I’m Addicted: Sticker Swap

I signed up for another sticker swap – this time on Swap-bot. I loved getting a partner that has similar interests. The person I got was a Christian and enjoyed decorating her planner. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some stickers for her. I also added a few little “extras” and a note.


You don’t have to, but I added little notes explaining why I bought each one for her. I also decorated the envie and wrote a little note. The white bag has 2 special stickers and some flower brads for Spring! She mentioned she’s obsessed with her planner so I though the little sayings would be the perfect size for her pages. I can’t wait to receive mine in the mail!